Identifying patients at your site

5-ASA induced nephrotoxicity is rare and we estimate that each hospital will be looking after no more than 5 patients. Identifying patients may be difficult and below are some possible methods to consider. We have also produced a hints and tips document (pdf) which might help in this process.

  1. Clinician recall – Most gastroenterologists will remember the names of their patients who developed this complication
  2. Search the local IT/IBD database with these codes;
  3. ICD10 K50 – K51 (IBD diagnosis)
    And either renal biopsy (M081 OPCS) or classified as having renal failure (ICD10 N18, N19)
     including any free text or notes field
  4. Talk to the renal phyicians at your local renal unit. Some centres may have a database which you may wish to interrogate.
  5. We will identify whether your instituition previously reported cases to the 2004 BSG-RA survey investigating 5ASA nephrotoxicity and forward on their details so that you can approach these individuals
  6. Direct referral from patients. This study has been advertised directly to patients via the CCUK website and newsletter.